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balancing big picture perspective with detail-driven perfectionism, our curiosity, creativity, and collaborative culture inspires us to design and develop physical and digital products and experiences of beauty, meaning, and value.

we shape material into meaningful form, make technology transparent and accessible, and communicate compelling brand stories. we help companies build engaging experiences, actualize their authenticity, and differentiate from the competition, often creating new markets. we design things that surprise, delight, and connect to an enriched way of life.

with a sense of humanity and an obsession for innovation, we design the future of work, play, travel, relaxation, and communication. from furniture, lighting, and housewares to smartphones, wearable-tech, and transportation, we collaborate with like-minded companies to create the products, spaces, interactions, and brands of tomorrow. 

guided by the reflective vision of Jozeph Forakis, we are a passionate, multicultural team of industrial designers, digital designers, interior designers, artists, thinkers, researchers, strategists, experience planners, and branding experts.


a synthesis of creative and critical thinking allows us to strategically approach a wide range of projects


located in milan, with satellite studio in new york, jozeph forakis … design is based in the capital of design with roots in the capital of the world.
without pretense for fixed formulas for success, we follow an intensive approach towards imagination, investigation, experimentation, and close collaboration; keys to our Cross-Fertilization strategy: by combining creative inspiration, analytical research, and design thinking, we can arrive at disruptive solutions for a range of projects:
industrial design, digital design, branding, interiors and exhibition design, transportation, CMF innovation, strategies, technology applications, future scenarios, and advanced concepts.
we are an energized, multitalented, multicultural team thriving on creating the perfect balance of design vision, strategic innovation, technical expertise, and business savvy. from startups to Fortune 500 multinationals, we work with global brands across a variety of sectors.

founder and art director jozeph forakis

for over two decades, jozeph forakis has created some of the world’s most iconic product designs.
the havana lamp helped establish foscarini as a leading lighting producer and is in the permanent collection of the museum of modern art (MoMA), new york. the award-winning logitech cordless mouseman pro transformed computer mouse design with its “vertical mouse” concept. the swatch irony scuba 200 established new design standards for the brand. as european design director for motorola, he led the design team responsible for the revolutionary V.70 mobile phone.
recognized for his innovative use of materials and processes, jozeph’s cultural approach to design reflects his background in new york art and theater, with early experience in biomedical sectors helping establish his research-driven methods.
his work was presented in a solo exhibition by the italian design association, and featured in museums and galleries around the world, including the MoMA exhibitions “mutant materials in contemporary design” and “workspheres.”

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