scuba 200 irony


Swatch commissioned the design for a serious diver’s watch to be rated at 200 meters. While pondering the paradox of “Swatch” and “serious,” Jozeph set about creating a design language to distinguish the Irony product line while honoring the fun, familiar Swatch icon. 

Inspired by the noble materials of Irony (aluminum and stainless steel cases, natural rubber straps), the idea was to emphasize a 3-dimensional DNA compared to the graphic identity of the plastic watches. 

The Scuba 200 shape uses an athletically reproportioned Swatch profile sculpted from a perfect sphere. This aesthetic continues to the curved bottom providing greater comfort. For the first time in watch design, the rotating bezel is seamlessly integrated into the case itself, maintaining the purity of the orb. The packaging became a futuristic, deep-sea time capsule that symbiotically honored the Irony Scuba 200. 

work scuba 200 irony
client swatch
disciplines wearable
team jozeph forakis
deok san lee
year 1998