incubation, tech, ui/ux, wearable



Working with startup Healbe to establish the design identity for their debut products and packaging, Forakis Design sought to create an ‘anti-watch’ to appeal to those who do and don’t wear wristwatches. A micro-sized, hi-tech tour de force, GoBe and GoBe2 are the first and only consumer wearables that can measure calorie intake non-invasively.

The distinct, low-profile design, crafted with jewel-like attention to detail, features a unique ‘invisible display’ that intuitively awakens when needed. The aircraft alloy case is curved to the wearer’s wrist, seamlessly integrated with the silicon band for lasting comfort.

Even the horizontal orientation within the package announces that GoBe is a different kind of wearable. 

work gobe
client healbe
disciplines incubationtechui/uxwearable
team jozeph forakis
deok san lee
jaehyung yang
year 2014
awards good design