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The MEEM Memory Cable automatically backs up your data onto the cable itself every time you charge your smartphone or tablet. Always offline, MEEM is the secure alternative to cloud services – inherently impervious to hacking or spyware.

As equity partner and Chief Design Officer, Jozeph and the team were responsible for product design, app UI/UX, as well as the creation of the visual brand identity and packaging. 

The award-winning cable design reminds users that their precious data is safe in the palm of their hands under their physical control. The soft, flexible connector provides a reassuring high-touch experience and seamlessly blends into the smooth crush-proof case. 

work meem
client meem
disciplines incubationtechui/ux
team jozeph forakis
deok san lee
soomin kim
stefanija najdovska
year 2017
awards red dot