tech, ui/ux, wearable

swatch talk


Swatch asked Jozeph to design the world’s first watch mobile phone following the fruitful collaborations on the Irony Scuba 200 and Scuba 200 Chrono.

For Swatch Talk, the smooth, elliptical language was evolved and rescaled into a uniquely articulated housing incorporating sophisticated mobile technology, loudspeaker, and microphone in a package that was shockproof and waterproof to 30 meters.

Working closely with engineers to ensure the minimum size for real wearability and comfort, Forakis Design was also integral to the unique UI/UX. The dialing touchpad was seamlessly integrated into the watch face numerals themselves.

The packaging became a battery-charger stand where the user ritualistically replaced the watch at night, and was also a self-contained travel kit.  

work swatch talk
client swatch
disciplines techui/uxwearable
team jozeph forakis
claudio moderini
roberto tagliabue
year 1998