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the world’s first SAV — Sea Activity Vessel

CLX96’s iconic profile and innovative features result from original thinking and smart design. The unique double-reverse-angled House allows more exterior and interior space than any vessel in her class, including an industry-first lounge deck forward of the Pilot House. With electrical up-down windows, the flybridge Pilot House converts from fully open to weatherproof. 

CL Yachts’ expertise with strong, lightweight composite structures allowed for expansive windows and unusually narrow columns, giving virtually uninterrupted 360° views. The Salon’s open loft-like plan creates generous sitting, dining, entertaining, and cooking areas. 

With an emphasis on transformable open spaces, CLX96 feels inherently connected to nature. With seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors, an abundance of discreet lounging zones, and a plurality of original multifunctional features.

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work clx96
disciplines furniturespacetransportation
team jozeph forakis
raffaelino farina
deok san lee
prima ramanuj
claudia renate
nikolai rizo
year 2020
awards international yacht & aviation awards
a' design award
good design award