space, transportation



The revolutionary Leonardo AW609 combines the speed, range, and altitude of a turboprop airplane with the vertical take-off and landing versatility of a helicopter.

The design for Heli-X, winner of the “Flydeas for the City” competition, emphasizes comfort, transparency, lightness, and efficiency. Advanced digital lighting technologies are seamlessly integrated to augment the feeling of space, serenity, and connectedness with the environment. Futuristic yet based on science-fact, Heli-X holistically combines forward-thinking and modern materials to create a new paradigm in personal luxury aviation.

In their unanimous selection, the jury praised the design for its “innovative solutions concerning materials, lighting, graphics, and use of digital technologies.”  

work heli-x
client leonardo
disciplines spacetransportation
team jozeph forakis
deok san lee
william govoni
soomin kim
stefanija najdovska
nikolai rizo
year 2015
awards red dot
flydeas for the city